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Tandy 200 Service Manual - Club 100

This manual is prepared for the Tandy 200 technicians working in the field or in repair centers. Users of this. a soft. dry. lint-tree cloth. Fortough stains, clean the body or the LCD screen with benzol. Do not use any sotvents other than benzot.

ГН Предельно допустимые концентрации (ПДК

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-3-methyl-benzot- hiazolium methylsulfate (C.I. 11154; Basic Blue No. 3), 2-[ 3,6-(diethylamino)dibenzopyranium-9-yl]-benzoyl chloride (C.I.. der Kosmetika und Riechstoffe" [Manual of Cosmetics and Fragrances], vol.

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При использовании в продуктах, содержащих витамин С, возможно образование канцерогенного бензола в концентрациях, превышающих